Thursday, February 4, 2016

Ahoy Again in FabShop News!

Look what was published in the December edition of FabShop News! 
My "Ahoy Again!" quilt, which is a remake of the original "Ahoy!" quilt I made for a grandson years ago. This version has lighter blues and is a bit bigger than the original. I'm actually teaching this class on the World of Quilts Carribbean cruise right now and I'm not missing the snowstorms that we're having in Utah...


You can purchase the pattern or kit on my website. 

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Now On To Festival

A day and a half after Market closes, Festival opens.  In  between the two shows I expanded my booth from a single to a double.  I laid more of my checkered floor and hung more drapes.
I had to be creative at times.  When we decided to move the lights, the pole needed to be covered.  Good thing I have some Appli-Glue with me!

And, I got reinforcements.  Two of my sisters, Susan and Margaret joined me for Festival.  (sigh of relief)

Festival is a huge show.  Since it is a retail show, there are thousands more shoppers.  Instead of working one on one with shop owners and taking time to set up wholesale accounts and introduce my customers to my new products and my suppliers, I am now selling to the frenzied crowd.  So I needed the help!

OK.  Looks like the booth is ready, bring on the crowd!

 We were very busy the first couple of days.  No time to eat or take a break.  But the weather had different plans.  All night long we were getting tornado warnings and flash flood warnings on our phones.  (Not a very restful night).  Then we traveled into the convention center that morning in a wild rain storm.
I'm from Utah.  We don't get that much rain in a year.  I think there was 9 inches that night, and it continued on for several days.  Needless to say, it was WET.  Many roads were flooded and closed, and there were high wind areas as well.
After parking the car and wading into the convention center, I was completely drenched.  Luckily I had some fabric in my booth.  (Imagine that.)  So I took off my dripping pants and wrapped a length of fabric around my waist.  This was during set up, so after wringing out my slacks and drying them in the rest room, I put them back on before we opened for business.  I did remain bare foot most of that day, as my shoes were soggy.

 Crowds were thinner because of the storm.  I even had time to run upstairs to grab a bite to eat and snap this photo of the show floor.  If you look closely, you can see my booth in the second isle from the right.  Look for my black and white floor.

 If you ever have a chance, you should try to get to Festival.  It is a quilting experience!  Do you see the American flag hanging from the ceiling in the left side of the photo?  Well, that is the center of the show floor.  So you can see that there are a LOT of booths to visit. (understatement)
My dear friend, Janet Platt of Quick Points Rulers had a booth at the show, too.  We live near each other in Utah.  I sent some of my stuff with her in her truck.  She helped me a lot in getting things carried in and set up.  We had hotel rooms next to each other and drove into the convention center together each day.  It was good to have a friend to be with, especially during Market, when I was there alone.

So imagine our surprise when we arrived at the show to find that in all this huge floor space, our booths were next to each other!  Very fun, AND convenient!
 Janet was demo-ing her rulers, and right next door you could buy my "Ahoy Again" pattern or kit that uses the ruler to make the prairie points!

There is also a FABULOUS quilt show hung in the adjacent hall.  We barely had time to run through it.  I wish I could have spent more time there.  The quilts that make it into this show are just amazing!  My niece, Maika had a quilt in the show this year.  I am so proud of her.  Here we are with "Wade's Wave."

Maika hand dyed all of the fabrics in the quilt, and cut it into teeny tiny pieces.  Over 7000 of them.  They are all pieced together, and of course the quilting on this is fabulous.  I wish you could see it in person.

I was delighted with how my booth looked, all bright and cheery and HAPPY!  We had many customers return each day of the show to visit again.  When I got home, I got the nicest note in the mail from a group of ladies.  They said, in part,

"…we all decided that your booth was a highlight.  Bright, cheerful, beautiful quilts, great kits, terrific marketing and nice gals."

What could be better than that?  That is why I do it--I love it!  Thank you so much--Kathy, Laura, Jessie, Suzanne, Kim and Lucille.  I don't know you, but I am glad you enjoyed visiting my booth!

Monday, November 9, 2015

Fall Market Wrap Up 2015

Well I have been home a week, so I guess I have recovered.  Time to get back to work!  I have been playing catch-up this last week after being gone for 12 days.  It always takes a while to get things back to normal.  Whatever that is.

Quilt Market was great for me.  It was so good to have a booth again after missing that for the last 2 Markets.  I did Market alone so I could save my help for the busy show--Festival.  Because of that I really simplified my booth.  No awning, no walls, no shelving, and all the little things that take so much time to get set up.  But I did do my signature black and white checked floor.  It is a requirement!

So some simple draperies and hang a few quilts, and I'm in business.  I decided at the last minute that I needed a "little something."  I picked up a cute red cabinet at Target and put it together in my booth.  I just took my time a worked slowly getting everything done.  I had plenty of time and it worked out great.

This gave me some extra surface area to display handouts and quilts!

Since I was at Market alone, I don't have a whole lot of photos because it was hard to leave my booth.  I was near the Henry Glass booths, and we had an area where each designer did a demo each day.  That kept us busy and with my new fabric and patterns, things were always hoppin'.

The bicycle tote bag was quite a hit.  I just whipped it together right before leaving for Market.  In fact, I finished it in my hotel room!  It was a way for me to showcase the panel from my new fabric collection--Bicycles and Blooms.

I did not even intend to offer a pattern.  But that changed.  Everyone was so interested in it that I quickly decided to take orders and get a pattern written.  I will also be offering a kit, but I don't have it up on the website just yet.  First I need to re-make the bag, doing it right this time and using the real fabrics from the collection.  I am good at making more work for myself!

One of my favorite things about going to Market is seeing all my quilty friends.  Here are a few:

Pat Sloan and I try a selfie.

Anne Sutton of Bunny Hill

Me and Emily Herrick 

Heidi Kaisand is the new owner of American Quilt Retailer!

Kim Niedzwiecki is an Aurifil star!

Alex Veronelli visits my booth.

Edyta Sitar had a beautiful booth.

Amy McClellan of Under the Garden Moon.

Carolee McMullin of AdornIt

That's all I have about Market for now.  I will post again soon with all the pics from Festival.  So stay tuned. . . . .

Friday, October 2, 2015

"Tangled Daisies" Retreat

We've picked a winner for the Jilliy Studio prize from the Jaftex Bloghop! Sarah W, email me your address so that I can send you your prize!

I just got back from a retreat in Pinetop, Arizona where I taught one of my newer patterns, Tangled Daisies. 

 Walking in the front door to our retreat!

We had our informal trunk show around the kitchen table. I was demoing my appliqué method and bias tape vines and we ended up having a trunk show!

Doesn't being at quilting retreat with all of your friends make such a great girls weekend? I made a bunch of new friends and two of my sisters were there too.

Everyone prepped their appliqué pieces, got them glued down with Jillily Studio Appli-Glue, and I'm sure they're home stitching this weekend!

 We ate our meals on the back deck. What a gorgeous view!

Getting ready to leave at the end of three inspiring days of sewing.

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Getting Ready

Reminder for you:  I will be choosing a winner for my basket of goodies soon!  Winner will be posted on October 1, so if you haven't entered, be sure to leave a comment on this post.

I am so busy getting things done for Market and Festival.  I have only been to Festival once before, and I am so looking forward to being there this year.  I will be in booth #426--so PLEASE come see me!  Make your plans now to be in Houston on Oct. 29 - Nov 1.  Wouldn't that be a fun girls trip????

I need to start thinking of booth plans and get everything ready.  I feel like I am out of practice, and can't quite remember what needs to be done!

I have some new designs that I will be showing with patterns and kits, and fabric and all the good stuff.  We will have demos in the booth, so you can stop by and learn something, too.

I just hope I can get everything done!

Friday, September 18, 2015

The Mystery of the Paper Quilts

How's the Blog Hop going for you? Are you getting inspired?  I certainly am!  There are so many fun projects, and all so different from the same fabric bundle.  I hope you have entered to win.  You can put a comment on my last post to enter for my prizes, and also for the big Jaftex prizes.

I have been starting to realize that I better hurry up if I want to be ready for Market and Festival!! Why is it that it always just sneaks up on me?  In the summer it seems so far away. . . .

Time to finish up a few projects so I can get some patterns written.  (As you know, my favorite part.)

 This one needs a name.  I am open to suggestions--I was thinking "It's Tarling." (yah.  Say it fast.)  Or It's Darling, or Starling--oh never mind.  I can't figure that out.

I am still stitching on this one, because I ran out of fabric, set it aside, and now I found more and I'm finally back to it.    I want to get this one finished and written before Festival.

I also have to admit that I did a really stupid thing.  (Not the first time.)  I went to Spring Market in May to present my new fabric (Bicycles and Blooms) for release to sales.

I did a Schoolhouse presentation on it, and made all these beautiful quilts--using paper (since I didn't have fabric yet).  It was a great way to show off the collection and they were a LOT of work.
Dana Brooks and I shared a Schoolhouse session--we rocked it!


Then I just left them there, and I guess they were thrown away.

I didn't think I would need them again.

But here comes Market again, and I won't have any fabric until December.  So I really should have saved those paper quilts!  Now I have nothing to display in my booth.  I have a few small strike-offs of the prints that I can make into small projects, but nothing that will really display the fabric.  WHAT WAS I THINKING????

not.  I guess.

So.  I will have to dream up something.  There was a really cute basket quilt and a table runner and a large lap quilt.  sigh.

If you see any Bicycles and Blooms paper quilts hanging around, let me know.

Wednesday, September 9, 2015


Hello Blog Hoppers!  Today is my day to celebrate the Jaftex 85th Birthday!

If you are new to Jillily Studio, welcome!!

 Hi, I'm Jill Finley.  I love fabrics!

I have been designing collections for Henry Glass (a Jaftex company) for over six years now, and it has been a delight.  Such great people to work with and such a fun project!  In the last post (see below) I showed you my newest collection, Bicycles and Blooms, which will be coming to shops in December.

I know by now that you have been reading all about this wonderful company, so I won't repeat all of that.  Let's get to the celebration!

Henry Glass (and the other Jaftex companies) sent each of their designers a packet of fabric and said, "Make something with this."
And so we did.

My fabric bundle was a fun bunch of brights from the Folio Basics group.

I waited until the last moment to get my project going (of course).  So I quickly pieced together some cute flowers, and then I just HAD to add a bit of appliqué to make it an official "Jillily" project.

It was done in a flash, and turned out better than expected!  (Sometimes it works like that. and sometimes I have to throw it away and start over--does that ever happen to you?)  It helps that it is a small project--only 36" square--perfect for a table topper.

I'm calling this one "BLACK-EYED SUSAN."  

Maika did a quick and beautiful job of quilting it for me in a matter of a few hours.  (I should have just waited for it, rather than driving home after dropping it off--like waiting for your kid at a dentist appointment.)

Here is another view of it.  I am planning to release the pattern at Fall Market  (or sooner if I get ambitious.)  Watch my website for it to arrive.  I will also have a few kits available.

Now, I know you want to win prizes, so be sure to enter.  I will post the entry wizard again to show you all the ways you can enter.  Any comment you leave on this post from now until Sept 30 will enter you.  And there are 13 other ways to enter.  Plus you can enter each day on each designer's post!  Wow.  Now that is generous.  The prizes are amazing--thousands of dollars in fabric, sewing machines, threads, needles, etc.

I also want to award a prize to one of MY followers.  So leave me a comment, follow my blog, (and like Jillily Studio on Facebook) and you could win a bundle of fabric, and a bunch of Jillily stuff!

                           A couple of patterns, an Applique Kit, and fabric.  That's a fun prize!

Here are the Jaftex prizes and how to enter:
85th Anniversary Giveaway

Gotta run now.  I need to go get some birthday cake!